The JazzBunker

The Jazzbunker is a concertroom from the past, we are using this place from 1976, in 1998 we had to move, from number 11 to number 17. The new adress is 4x so small as the old one. Once we were an importend stage but now we become only a place to practize our own free improvisation music. As stage is the place not to use, to small. It is now become the basis of our bands. The music we make is based on total freedom, it is so as it comes!

You can see us on YouTube under the name "JazzBunker"!

The Bands are:

The Rotterdam Freejazz Ensemble and Trio, and Outer Curve.

The bandmembers from the Trio are:

Henk van Schaik - Tenorsax, Baritonesax

Rob van Schaik - Es, Bes, Basclarinet, Contra Basclarinet,
Baritonesax, Akai EWI and Electronics

Jola Meijer - Euphonium, Tuba

Guest Musicians

Making the Ensemble!

Rory van der Woerd - Drums, Bas
Romeo Mayor - Gitaar, Cornet, Trompet
Henri van Zanten - Voice (In Heaven)
Kaat Nouwen (Oema) - Voice
Victor Snijtsheuvel - Gitaar, Contrabas
Han van Hulzen - Drums